Brigid's Balm Thanadoula Services

Debbie Seddon-Laninga


Well, as 2018 comes to a close I am looking back on this past year and the many amazing experiences I have had and wonderful people I have met. The year started with the caregiver spotlight shining on me in an article written about the work I do at Beth Donovan Hospice, what an honour! I continued updating and modifying my website with the addition of book reviews to help guide those in search of information for themselves or for others they care for. The Outcare Foundation gifted me with a bursary that enabled me to attend a wonderful palliative caregivers self-care day where I was able to interact with many people working in my field and forge new relationships and learn how to better serve those in need. I attended various seminars in Kingston, Ottawa and surrounding areas being held by groups such as Dying with Dignity Canada, The Ottawa Senior Pride Network, and various funeral homes. I held a couple of seminars on subjects such as Advanced Care Planning, Aging and Loss of Independence, and What is a Thanadoula? I attended workshops online and in person, one very memorable presentation on a Virtual Dementia Experience. Late summer found me taking part in a global study based out of Australia on the Role of Death Doulas in End of Life Care, and after a few attempts finally was able to connect via skype and enjoy a successful interview! I am looking forward to the final document when it is published. Autumn found me taking part in the Wellness Fair in Brockville where I made some new and wonderful connections with people. I look forward to continuing these relationships when I move to Brockville in 2019! November found me completing my "refresher training" at hospice and volunteering my services with the Smiths Falls Food Bank in the "Build a Mountain of Food" campaign, what a great initiative! And December I was grateful to be selected to sit on the Disability Advisory Council for Dying With Dignity Canada - such an honour! Then November and December found me withdrawing from my work with the public to focus on time with family as my dad took a turn for the worse and has been in hospital, and in hospice. So grateful for the people with whom I have worked in the past and who found themselves caring for my father. It was difficult moving between being a Thanadoula and a daughter, living the experience from both sides of the fence. So blessed to have my dad still with us, as his health has turned around and he is regaining strength and looking forward to being able to come home, hopefully in the near future! 2018 has been a very busy year, a time of continued learning and growth, and I know 2019 will be full of blessings and opportunities for continued service and moving forward in many new directions. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, I look forward to sharing and caring with you in the year ahead! Blessings to you all, and have a happy and healthy new year! xoxox